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[BAD SIGNAL] Bullets

bad signal

* People keep asking me this, for
some reason: the Sunday Hangover
at Suicide Girls is FREE.  You don't
have to be a member to read it.
You'd think people would just look...

*  Rantz Hoseley is talking about
launching a post-ENGINE message
board for comics creators.  Keep
an eye on the ENGINE over the next
couple of weeks if you're interested.

*  Laurenn asked me yesterday if
I was going to activate one of the
private community systems I have
in test-bed status.  And, you know,
I'm not sure I am.  Convenient as it
would be for me to have my friends
and acquaintances using one place
so I can keep track of
doesn't really work that way 
anymore.  Twitter keeps me advised
on Kelly Sue, Laurenn, Tom, Zo, Wil
and a few others.  Veen keeps in
touch via a PSP.  A bunch of people
are so MySpace addicted that they
only message me through there.
Years ago, I managed to put a lot
of my friends on to a private board,
and it was a lot of fun, but I'm not
sure it's feasible now.

*  The next public board, which I
hinted at in the ENGINE closure
announcement, will be a lot different
to the ENGINE.  Also, it'll use a 
different message board system.
I realise a lot of people found the
ENGINE system difficult, if not
ugly -- because all you kids have
been brought up on flavours of
phpBB, which is hideous and shot
through with security flaws -- but
it had an incredibly rich, powerful
back-end for moderation and 
controls, which were vital for a thing
like the Engine.  The new thing,
which I'll announce in a month or so
for those interested, is built on
Lussumo Vanilla, a much lighter and
faster system.  (The one we used
for 2.0.)

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