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A 12-Hour Message Board

I’m reopening my old message board, in a different location, for 12 hours today — starting now.

Free forum, phpBB software — so there’s a fair chance it could die on its arse within a few hours.

It is open for 12 hours — from roughly now until 2am UK time. (Or until I get sick of it, which could be some hours earlier.)

Obviously, it’s not in the old location — I don’t even have a Delphi account anymore — so you’ll have to register. And phpBB is ugly as sin. But what the hell. Real names only, please — otherwise how the hell will people remember you from the old one? NOTE: the password email the system sends can end up in spam filters, so check it.

12 hours. I realise everyone on the old WEF is cast to the four winds now, but I’d really like to hear from as many people from the old place as possible. And if you weren’t around before, fuck it, come in and say hello anyway.

12 hours starts now.

— W

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