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bad signal

*  130 people joined the Club of
Mars overnight: or, 1% of the Bad
Signal readership.  Which, for a 
Sunday night, ain't bad at all.
Amused to note that Suicide Girl
Loe was in within about five mins of
sending the Signal.  One guy even
tunneled into the system through
the Dubai firewalls around Ning.  (I
activated the blog function, but
not the forum function, so people
could talk without the system turning
into a monster that'd require
moderation.)  Nice to see people
adding photos to the viewer, too.  I
like to see who's on the Signal, and it
might be interesting for you too to
see who else is on the Signal.

*  The Engine lurches into its last
couple of weeks.  I might start some
weird threads on there later, to
try and make the final days a little
less dull.

*  And for those following all that,
on Aug 30 or thereabouts I should
be able to announce where I'll be
setting up shop next.  It's built, and
I'm going to spend the next couple
of weeks roadtesting it.

*  In between, of course, writing all
these fucking comics, and writing
LISTENER, Novel #2.  Which I'm
currently pulling apart in my head.
William Morrow were angling for a
longer novel, but I'd originally
intended to continue working in the
stripped-back style of CROOKED
LITTLE VEIN.  With some perspective,
finally, on CLV, I'm going back and
opening up the first 14000 words
of LISTENER, writing longer and 
letting the thing take some time.

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