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[BAD SIGNAL] High Winds

bad signal

Severe weather warnings in place
again.  The wind just yanked the
umbrella out from my table here
in the pub's Smoking Compound and
deposited it in the back of the 
Chinese take-away next door.

Lost most of yesterday to just
sitting and thinking.  Poor bloody
Mike.  Molly at Marvel said everyone
up there was shaken to bits
yesterday.  At some point I'm going
to have to deal with the structural
stuff, having our book binned and
all that.  But not yet.

380 people on the Club of Mars this
morning.  Go on, let me look at you.
Watching people join and wander
around was one of the very few
things that amused me yesterday.

Today, I'll try and start those
threads on the Engine I talked about

Great, here comes the rain.

Supposed to record a podcast with
BoingBoing later.  Voice is still a bit
fucked, so this should be interesting.

Just noticed the date.  My Emusic
subscription refreshes on the 16th,
and I still have 76 downloads to use
up.  I love Emusic, but they're slow
to rip the new stuff I want (which
is why I also use Bleep, Rough Trade
and Tunetribe).  Usually, it's not a
big problem.  But 76 downloads left
out of a monthly 90?

The wind's just dumped out the
ashtray.  Time to go batten down
the hatches.

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