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[BAD SIGNAL] Fragmented

bad signal

*  This sitting-outside-in-the-
smoking-compound shit is getting
old.  It's cold and rainy every day,
and the wind keeps dumping the
ashtray out.

*  My US comics convention
appearance for 2008 seems to be
locked already.  It's not San Diego,

*  Note about San Diego: I wasn't
trying to be a dickhead when I
wouldn't shake your hand.  At Heroes
Con last year, I shook hands with
everyone, as everyone stuck
their hand out, and by Saturday I
was in fucking agony and having to
ice my hand down in the hotel.  I
must've shaken hands with five or
six hundred people by that point,
as well as signing thousands of books
with that hand, and it was pulp.
Given that my signing schedule at
San Diego was something like four
times as bad, we made the decision
to disallow handshakes in order to
save my hand.  So now I'm reading
that I'm a "douche" for not shaking

*  And I still caught the San Diego
SARS.  So consider that revenge!

*  An alternative forum to The
Engine has been raised by Rantz

-- W
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