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CROOKED LITTLE VEIN San Diego Comic-Con Contest

HarperCollins/William Morrow, the publisher of my novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN (out from July 24), have printed up thousands of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN temporary tattoos. They’re lovely little things with the snake on them. These tattoos are going to be given away at the San Diego convention — at my CLV signing, at the HarperCollins booth, and probably at the Avatar booth too.

(I can’t send you the tattoos, so please don’t ask.)

If you’re going, grab one of the tattoos, put it on, and take a photo of yourself wearing it at the convention. Send it to as an attachment by August 7. These photos will be scanned by experts, scientists and perverts from a variety of different disciplines, and the owners of the five favourite photos will each win a signed copy of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN.

(So send it from an email address you actually check, because HarperCollins will contact the winners on the email address you send the photo from to get your details.)

Why August 7? I won’t be checking before then as I’m en route to Arizona immediately after SDCC, to sign comics and boil alive at Atomic Comics in Mesa.

Also, for those attending the show, I should add that the good people at Fox Atomic will be giving away special CROOKED LITTLE VEIN t-shirts to prize-wheel winners at their booth. (I can’t get you the t-shirts either.)

And so it is said.

— W

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