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Matt Fraction On The White Stripes

Fraction tries to understand why the new White Stripes isn’t doing anything for him. Shot through with occasional breakdowns like this one:

The next song is something about a “Prickly Thorn” or somesuch? It drones on and on until I can’t believe I’m actually still listening to it. Seriously, I thought it was some kind of mistake when I first heard it. On a second listen, I realize the mistake isn’t on MY end. “St. Andrew” starts off like John Cale playing a cover of “Baba O’Riley”. Is that Meg singing? Is she vocoded upwards? Jesus CHRIST, what the fuck is wrong with this record?

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  1. xav xav

    it’s a record with no imagination.I don’t like it .I mean there’s ridicule things in why try to love it.

  2. This emperor has had no clothes since at least “Elephant” – I’m glad others are finally catching on. Meh.

  3. What Fraction fails to realize is he needs to be on some serious drugs to fully appreciate the prime audial soup.

    I’ll share.


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