9 thoughts on “Okay, Totally Is Officially Way Too Fucking Weird”

  1. “brand of choice for comic book character John Constantine, writers Warren Ellis and Tom Stoppard”

    When did Tom Stoppard write Hellblazer!!!1

    I CAN’T wait till they bring out the TPB

  2. Whenever someone mentioned Silk Cuts I instantly thought about John Constantine and his gin and tonics and reading Hellblazer as a pre-teen and thinking it all very sexy and dangerous.
    now i just think of Warren.
    thanks, w.

  3. … bacon-flavored cigarettes. While I have long disputed the “intelligent” portion of “intelligent design,” I think bacon-flavored cigarettes prove a sense of humor and occasional moments of mercy, if not supreme intelligence.

    I need to check the local tobacco shops now.

  4. I have a great recording of you explaining to me the great, horrifying warning label on the back of your pack of Silk Cut during an interview in Charlotte, NC last year.

    Here in the land of tobacco they aren’t yet being quite as frank about things…

  5. If a swaggering, chain smoking demon hunter that once flipped off the devil and scammed his way out of hell (for now) isn’t a good endorsement, I don’t know what is. If Carcenoma Angles were real, I’ll bet that they would outsell Silk Cuts though.

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