Apparently today’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY features me in their Hot 100 list of creative people. The PR magicians at HarperCollins yanked my listing off Nexis — others have told me that I’m right next to JK Rowling on the list — and it seems that this is what they used:

Warren Ellis
AGE 39

A hugely acclaimed, acidic comic-book scribe, Ellis expands his repertoire this July with a brilliantly nasty and weird detective novel, Crooked Little Vein.

Ellis found it “murderous” to find time to write it: “It came down to banging out a thousand words a day in the pub before I started the day’s comics work. If it wasn’t for Red Bull and Silk Cut cigarettes, the damn thing would never have seen the light of day.”

You’ll note that, after receiving the crate of Red Bull, I am now blatantly angling for a container vessel full of Silk Cut.

4 thoughts on “ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Hot 100”

  1. Although I don’t care that you smoke, I do want you to produce material that I can consume. Please, continue, and if I run into some money from writing, I’ll buy you a lorry load of the fiery, carcinogenic cancer-sticks.

  2. I’m sure I speak for everyone reading this when I say that, by “next to JK Rowling on the list” you mean “above JK Rowling on the list”.

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