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  1. Rob Taylor Rob Taylor

    I saw this in new york. Its a great piece as when you first encounter it you don’t realise its a musical instrument. Theres low grumblings and occasional toots of the higher registers. ITs only after a minute or two you can pick up the tune.

    It runs off a spool of paper with black dots on it like the old pianolas which is a nice touch. The old keeping the new going.

  2. I very much enjoyed being in the presence of this piece but have to admit I had a hard time discerning any “tune” — some of it seemed to be falling apart and the farting/tooting noises seemed mostly random. I found the low-techness of it all inspiring.

  3. Anon. Anon.

    Tim Hawkinson’s other stuff is quite nice too, if a bit smaller-scale. I particularly liked the human skeleton made of rawhide dog-treats that tootles through a musical larynx.

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