4 Responses to “Science Fiction Book Club Dead”

  1. A pity, but not that surprising, given the economics.

    Through the club, though, I got turned on to Heinlein, Asimov, Ellison and the rest as a punky teenager in the sixties….

  2. I heard about this earlier in the morning, and I’m not happy. My SFBC editions are among my most cherished. They put out such fantastic editions, beautiful hardcovers that you can’t get elsewhere.

    Terrible day. Someday we’re all going to regret going so terribly digital that our print media devolves into luxury at best.

  3. […] to Wayne this morning for the link, and then again via Warren Ellis later: On Monday, Publishers Weekly reported that Bookspan, acquired just six weeks ago by […]

  4. I think book clubs were done in by Big Box stores like Borders. Usata Bee that really good bookstores were concentrated in cities. If you were in some rural area, book clubs offered a viable alternative to the pathetic paperback rack in the back corner of Rexall Drugs.