Stelarc’s Ear PORTRAIT taken by nina sellars

May 17th, 2007 | photography, researchmaterial

Stelarc’s Ear PORTRAIT taken by nina sellars

Originally uploaded by k0re.

From Karen Marcelo’s Flickr, as found by “Dartt!” (who appears to have ganked it from Xeni). Marcelo (aka k0re) writes: “Stelarc implanted an ear into his arm (he’s been talking about doing for several years! good he found a surgeon to do it) he’s going to implant a mic that will connect to a bluetooth transmitter to connect the ear to the internet! and another surgery to give the ear more definition.”

3 Responses to “Stelarc’s Ear PORTRAIT taken by nina sellars”

  1. I neglected to mention that I found this through boing boing –

    They also have a link to some close ups of the surgery and the ear growing in the petri dish!

  2. For a moment there, imagined the ear was a donation from some ModBlogger.

  3. Cell-cultivated in a mould… fascinating… would/could that have any tactile response, I wonder?