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Anti-NATO Riot In Oslo

Anti-NATO Riot, April 26th 2007 – a photoset.

Anders Nygaard adds:

The treatment was surprisingly rough; they simply drove everyone present into a street, sealed it off with specially fitted barricade breaker trucks, compressed the crowd until you could barely move, and then sluiced people out one by one. Everyone got hogtied and brought in for four hours of free mockings and sitting around in your own piss on a cold concrete driveway until the police had done rummaging in everyone’s organization headquarters. Even reporters, bystanders and legit demonstrators got the treatment.

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  1. Those are some of the coolest, and conversely most evil, looking police I have ever seen.

  2. Robert Robert

    I thought it was illegal to hogtie people. Well, in circumstances like this anyway.
    I’m sure I read that once upon a time.
    If someone could confirm or deny, I would be grateful.

  3. Paul Paul

    Send in the Vader Squad.

  4. Gordon Freeman Gordon Freeman

    straight from the pages of the Invisibles.

  5. J. Kim J. Kim

    I find this photo infinitely more disturbing than the maggot-covered cocks that occasionally appear in this here blog.

    I almost feel sick.

  6. William William

    Take a good long look, America, this is your future. A lot of people in this country like to think that mainland Europe is more progressive, more liberal, more generally accepting and peaceful. Truth be told, thats true most of the time. Europe is miles ahead of America in terms of progressive social policy, but it is also a part of the world that has never known anything other than being under the heel of a king.

    What scares me about Bush isn’t that hes an asshole, or that hes a cowboy, or that hes a disgusting fundamentalist; what scares me about Bush is that he is trying very hard to make this country one in which the kind of government behavior accepted as the norm in Europe is accepted as the norm here.

    You can’t have Big Brother wipe your ass and pay your bills without him starting to think he can give you a spanking when you misbehave.

  7. optical optical

    Oh man, and to think one day, on an optimistic binge, I threw away all my posters with a picture of a boot heel stamping on a human face!

  8. E0157H7 E0157H7

    Wow, NATO actually did something decisive! My world has been turned upside down. They didn’t try sanctions? This, by the way, is not the future of the US. Our “police” will just shoot protesters, they won’t bother hogtying them. If they’re in the free speech zones then they may get off with just some CS and a good old fashioned beating. The headquarters will simply be burned. I am not considered an “up” person, by the way.

  9. Paul Paul

    It may have escaped your attention that there are actually some republics in Europe, William.
    You might also want to Wikipedia ‘Kent State’ to see that the US isn’t immune to this kind of thing either. No one has a monopoly on authoritarian assholes with batons.

  10. Giacomo Giacomo

    William, I’m sorry to break it to you but, y’know, the concept of “Republic” was actually invented in Rome and re-invented in France… these days, european kings are indeed the (usually powerless and mostly useless) exception, not the rule.
    As Paul said, this doesn’t mean our governments don’t know how to be authoritarian assholes.

  11. Elf Elf

    @William: I think you should know that before this, hundreds of people had demonstrated peacefully. Just as the demo was over, several people from an anarchist group in Norway, which stems from a house called Blitz, tried to break through the police barriers and enter the premises of the NATO meeting.

    The reason why the police wore the equipment you see above, is because they were prepared for this group and knew what they are entirely unpredictable.

    The only reason why this group still exists after 25 years is because we have a democracy in Norway. In another country they would have been utterly destroyed years ago. Too bad they tend to use anti-democratic means themselves.

  12. Hemmi Hemmi

    These “specially fitted barricade breaker trucks” remind me for some reason of the shovel trucks in Soylent Green

  13. Sean Hansen Sean Hansen

    Giacomo, the republic in Rome gave way to a Kingship of succeedingly mad and power-hungry lord-kings that’ve been romantisized over time. The French republic started around the same time as the Constitution was Ratified, and again led a series of power-hungry men with little-man complex that again was romantasized(I don’t even mean Napoleon to be honest, Robspierre was a nasty enough bastard). I’m not a nationalist myself, but after the Revolutionary war George Washington retired to private life until the Farmer’s Revolution mad clear the case for a stronger centralized government.

  14. Giacomo Giacomo

    Sean, that doesn’t mean that Europe “has never known anything other than being under the heel of a king” :) The U.S. constitution didn’t come out of a vacuum, but was the product of centuries of social theory developed in Europe. In its 3 millennia of history Europe experienced its fair share of democracies and dictatorships, and don’t worry, the U.S. will too… The fact that this hasn’t happened yet is due more to the size of the country than anything else. But enough trolling, i’m off :)

  15. William William

    To E01…: You shoot a protester, you make a martyr. Even the elder King Daley learned that by 1968. Police in this country might be stormtroopers, but they’re also savvy.

    To the rest: With the possible (depending on which revolution we’re talking about) exception of France Europe hasn’t known anything other than the king. The names and titles might have changed, the means of succession might have been altered, but the power and authority has not seen much dilution. Europe doesn’t have the tradition of near-anarchy the US has enjoyed. The democratic governments which followed monarchy did not intentionally cripple themselves as we did. We can argue the relative value or civility of that all day, but it has little to do with my point.

    My point was that Americans have a fundamentally different relationship with their government, fundamentally different expectations. Its why you have wonders like socialized medicine and horrors like speech codes while we have unbridled innovation and shootings in the streets. We have vastly different cultures, and quite a few Americans are looking east with envy. I was merely pointing out the other side of the coin.

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