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  1. David H David H

    Morbidly fascinating. If this is truth, here’s hoping people who know him have seen this.
    If it’s fiction, it was a good read. Who is to say these days, other than people who might know him.

  2. CannedLizard CannedLizard

    That sure sounds like Queen and Bathurst, alright. So full of…character.

  3. James James

    What’s being left out of the story? The people who have taken the poor guy hostage might a long “ravers” history with the guy…the reason behind him being so reticent to go directly to the fuxing coppers.

    “Do I turn in my friends?” bullsh*t.

    Still, it’s terrible if it’s legit. I hate to think about the rich kids without jobs who feed their prescription drug habits by holding up their sober friends (or ex-friends) for cash and goods.

    I can see it now…”James, you ol’ college graduate you. Remember smoking the occasional joint with us once in a while? Well, it’s time you pay me an’ my friends back for all that off time,” chuckling, reaching for a stun gun. “Bet you’re sory you sold out to the academy of higher learning now, eh? Leaving us wasters and dropouts alone? Well don’t worry, we still love ya…”

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