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I’m spending what we laughably refer to as “my spare time” today hunting out new internet radio stations to listen to. If you have your own recommendations, or if you’re running one yourself, drop them in the comments. Hopefully there won’t be too many repetitions of my old radio list. (Sleepbot should be taken as read.)

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    Personalized internet radio. You tell it what artists and songs you like and it goes and finds similar things to play for you. It also has a rating system so that if it plays a song you don’t like you can give it a thumbs down and it will never play again. Thumbs up and it will play more stuff by that artist, I find it really helpful!

  2. I listed to sometimes. Their programing is pretty ecclectic so I don’t always like what every DJ plays but some of them are up my alley (and play stuff like bardo pond and their ilk which I never hear anywhere else)


    Semi-official sradio station for the MMORPG Anarchy Online.

    During the day it’s a pretty standard playlist put together from all the DJ favourites, comes alive in the evening (US time – usually after 1am UK time) with live DJs interracting with in-game shows and parties. Sometimes this is noticeable only in that requests can be made in-game only, sometimes listening to the DJ you’d assume they were broascasting from an actual club and passing on all the werid shit happening around them…

    Strong emphasis on rock/metal/doom, but depending on the DJ also includes punk, electronica, j-pop, comedy skits, classical and really really bad cheese. DJ’s come from various places across the US, UK, Scandinavia and Austraila, and often promote local bands where possible.

    At the minute they’re hoping they might be able to survive the RIAA hit, partly because they may be able to pay on a different scale due to being completely non-profit, and partly by looking into featuring a lot more non-musical content (including character and non-character based chat shows, and discussions and news based on real world events (geekery mostly) and in-game storylines.) Still going to be touch and go through…

    I am of course slightly biased as my housemate DJs for them, but I’d still recommend. They’ve been doing the whole mixing live entertainment with a virtual envirnment thing for 4 years now, and they make it sound good…

  4. Two pretty good stations from around where I live can be streamed:
    M94.5 is a student-run station in Munich, heavy on the indie, but sometimes (especially on the weekends) they go completely different and will maybe give you some German hip-hop or the DJ Hell set from Bavarian Gigolo Night the night before.
    FM4 is Austria’s best radio station; Also, they mostly talk English, for reasons I can’t fathom. The link I provided is unofficial, since they themselves don’t provide a stream.

  5. I’m usually listening to as there are many different DJs and they all have different ideas of “what’s good”. Some of the DJs are particularly good, especially Amplitude (who had a long-running feature called “The Russian Mail Order Bride” where he read off e-mails from a potential RMOB. Absolutely hilarious).

  6. I like to go to and browse through the genres I’ve never heard of.
    they have one station, Shite N’ Onions, that plays only Irish punk music.

  7. Armitage’s Dimension/Streaming Anime/J-Pop Radio: for when you wish to seriously challenge your will to live
    it’s not as bad as all that. most times.

    i swear by somafm’s Secret Agent Radio mentioned earlier.

    self explanatory:

    Monkey Radio: Trip-Hop, acid jazz, downtempo, or abstract beats

    Turn up the ska: Ska at its best

    Tokyo Ninja Radio Station: rockabilly, oddly enough

    Idobi Radio: Alternative rock and punk music mixed with news and artist interviews. some new, independent, and unsigned artists, too extreme anime radio

  8. the hype machine finally launched their radio component just a couple weeks ago. h.m. is a blog aggregator, so while there’s no real rhyme or reason to the station other than “what the blogs are posting right now,” i’m not sure i’ve heard the same song twice in two weeks. and the layout is super informative, giving you links to blog posts about the songs and bands as they stream them.

  9. Fantastic community run station out of St. Louis, Missouri. Completely different kinds of shows depending on when you turn it on. I think they may have some archived on their site, though. Basically, each volunteer programmer gets about a two-hour block to play whatever they want.

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