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  1. kyote23 kyote23

    from the country that gave us the kama sutra…

  2. Andy Andy

    I issued a warrant for Gere after seeing what he helped do to Day of the Jackal.

  3. Matt Matt

    Was that a kiss? Based on the pictures I’ve seen, it more closely resembled a mauling.

  4. What pisses me off are the dudes in the street burning her picture, as if she had anything to do with it.

    I guess we Americans don’t corner the market on stupid religious fundamentalism.

  5. Doug Pasnak Doug Pasnak

    The Terrorists hate our kissing freedoms!

  6. Nickel Nickel

    Gere should get a kick in the nuts for acting like jackass but India should get a massive kick in the nuts for being a prudish twat of a country.

  7. E0157H7 E0157H7

    I think that a massive amyl nitrate and pornography air drop is in order. Put things in perspective.

  8. brows brows

    this from the country with one of the highest HIV rates. seems their priorities are just a tad screwed.
    “affection bad! now excuse me while i go screw my whore.”

  9. the world the world

    It’s really depressing that people can live in a society which is so repressive that a kiss on the cheek is considered an “obscene act.” I wonder if couples are arrested for holding hands.

  10. brows brows

    actually, holding hands are just a step under kissing. any form of public affection in itself is considered obscene.

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