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  1. David H David H

    I noticed on the link the tag “warren ellis is my jesus”. Four products were tagged five times with it. So, which ENGINEers did it?

  2. Myles Griffin Myles Griffin

    It’s only coming in paperback? Poo.

  3. Paul Paul

    Osama stick you in his pants.

  4. Greg Greg


    My new favorite genre. How much time before we get Terrorism Fiction/Chick Lit hybrids?

  5. I’m finishing my Terrorism Erotica opus any day now…

  6. they are subject headings – fiction books on terrorism.

    Warren Ellis is popular in libraries

  7. Bugger. Won’t work. Sorry for that.


    Select LEO search

    Choose By Name

    Insert Ellis, Warren

  8. Stephen Graves Stephen Graves

    Clearly, “Terrorism Fiction” has to be the title of the first Nextwave miniseries.

    …there is going to be a Nextwave miniseries, right?


  9. Greg Greg

    I think “Terrorist Pornography” makes a more striking title. But somehow just a noun and an adjective doesn’t have the “kick-‘splode” oomf that we’ve come to expect out of Nextwave titles.

    Maybe something about a cybernetic mandrill adult baby piloting a rocket ship…

    Nah, sounds too Brubaker-ish.

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