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CROOKED LITTLE VEIN: Interview With Publisher’s Weekly

“I think every English writer has to produce a postapocalypse novel in the end, don’t they? It’s in the operating manual or something. They kick you out of the country if you don’t, and then you have to become French. It’s a cruel world.”

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  1. David


    This is brlliant. The best interview I’ve read all year. Good way to scare off all those book people who considered your book, Mr Ellis!

  2. “Harry Potter and Legolas [an elf character from Lord of the Rings]”

    Please tell me that a *publishing website* didn’t feel the need to add that parenthetical bit after Legolas…

  3. Funklord


    Dammit Ellis! You stole my Harry Potter and Legolas have sex with dragons novel idea!

    I’ll see you in court motherfucker.

  4. Dan Adie

    Dan Adie

    ”People who can read. I like those. Also, people with money”

    Cheered up a miserable day with those few words…

  5. Steven French

    Steven French

    It was the ‘book people are prodigious perverts’ line that did it for me! After a soul crunching day, I so needed that …

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