6 Responses to “35 Years Ago”

  1. wonderful. pity we never returned. we had momentum and everything. oh, well.

  2. I read that the Russians are going to start mining Hydrogen-3 ions there. Aside from that I don’t know what that means except that the moon is so cool!!!!

  3. If only the moon wasn’t hollow, and we actually did go there…

  4. That is one of the photos Michael Light stiched into a panorama for the Full Moon exhibition. I was totally entranced by it at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in NY. It was the first time I could grasp what was meant by ‘magnificent desolation’.

  5. Jesus, I miss NASA. I wasn’t even a twitch in my pop’s pants during the Apollo missions, but nothing stirred my imagination like watching the shuttle launches when I was a kid.

    Or maybe I should say that I miss the Russians. But that would probably be a very dangerous statement to make.

  6. Photoshop!
    The shadow totally doesn’t match.

    (yes, I’m joking)