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  1. For the instantly interested, as I was, the location seems to be lat/lon: 43.36403,-89.770381.

  2. For the ultra insanely interested, this is about 40 minutes from my house, across from a creepy, sprawling, closed-down munitions plant, and behind a scrapyard.

    The place is incredible (as you can well see).

  3. We went to the Forevertron on a trip through Wisconsin. It is definitly a relic from the lost future.

    The road to the Dells is littered with Frank Lloyd Wright houses embedded into glacier carved hillsides, the infamous ‘House on the Rock’, and the twin wonders of Baraboo. The Forevertron and Circus World (a functioning old style American circus museum/park).

    The Natives knew there was some sort of power in this land. You can imagine they never knew how crazy white folks would channel it.

  4. Maddie Greene Maddie Greene

    I’m glad you like this. I thought you might. The bare spring trees in the background look wrong to me– but what IS steampunk weather? What trees would be appropriate? If I return in summer, will I really like it better?

    To thekamisama’s excellent post above, I’ll note the proximity of Devil’s Lake, another wonder of the area and surely a focal point of all that crazy local energy.

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