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  1. “I cast Magic Missle on the terrorist running at me with a bomb strapped to his chest. Don’t worry, I’m a level 12 elven Wizard, this will work.”

  2. NinjaDebugger NinjaDebugger

    I have it on good authority that IEDs allow a reflex save (if stationary) or require an attack roll (if hurled).

  3. thedepressingguy thedepressingguy

    isn’t it te isreali army that won’t allow you into active service if you play RPGs? i remember an article about it to the effect that these gamers are more likely to be detached from reality and thus poor soldiers in combat situaions. i’m pretty certain a level of reality detachment is a plus in Iraq.

  4. Stefan Jones Stefan Jones

    If Bush had played wargames in college instead of Rugby, he might not have turned out to be such a clueless fucktard dipshit when it comes to conducting a war.

    On the other hand, anyone who played wargames at Yale would probably been beaten up by Rugby players, and who knows what that trauma would have resulted in fourty years down the road.

  5. DM: Ok roll a Saving Throw Versus Paralisys
    Player: Ok…oops.
    DM: Ooops is right. While the clouds gather and the tension in the air builds, you sense you’ve been cursed by the Great Overlord W. Your tour of duty has been extended another 6months then roll again with penalties…

  6. Thanks for publicizing this! I first read about it on Gamegrene ( and have been doing everything I can to publicize it. No matter how I feel about the war, the soldiers deserve a little harmless recreation. I’ve set up a web site as an information clearinghouse (

    And.. I know it’s all fangirlish, but I loooove your work, Mr. Ellis. Especially Global Frequency!

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