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Fort Of The Harlot

An Irish village has cleared the latest hurdle in its campaign to change its names to the Fort of the Harlot.
The loose translation of its old Irish title means “the stronghold of immoral women”. Many residents in the village of Doon in County Limerick reportedly prefer the name of Dun Bleisce, translated as the Fort of the Harlot. However, locals said the name referred to a strong woman and local women were noted for their beauty and culture.

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  1. Eli Eli

    That’s actually a really boss name. At least it isn’t as brazen as Hooker, Oklahoma.

  2. Irish Harlots are the best harlots in the world.

    Let them have their Fort.

  3. My grandad was from there. I’m only an hours drive from it.
    Local women were noted for their beauty and culture?
    Hmmmmm… if you like hefty farmer women I suppose.

  4. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    ‘Loose Translation’?

  5. Jason Buckley Jason Buckley

    Surely Castle Slut is a better name?

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