The Educational Value Of Comics

April 18th, 2007 | comics talk

Billy Gray just found this, and…well.

17 Responses to “The Educational Value Of Comics”

  1. I love that in the top-left he’s being double-teamed.

  2. I’m more scared by the bottom left picture on the second page. FOUR TONGUES? That’s just kinky…

  3. there’s a free-floating penis in the 2nd picture too…
    perhaps a body part from iraq?

  4. have a proper taste

  5. Steve the Black: What are you talkin about?!?! A chickadee with four tounges would rock! You would never have to tell a woman again: thanks but, lets just get to the fuckin’.
    Are you mad?!?!?!?!

  6. thank god for this, all this time i’ve been getting my sexual primer from alan moore’s lost girls.

  7. I’m confused. Where do the crickets come into play?

  8. I want that as a poster. Immediately.

  9. Oh, Japan. Is there anything you can’t do?

    Gregg: the crickets are in the condom. Tiny, tiny crickets.

  10. I love that tender *chu*.
    Ah, Japan.

  11. I like the picture of the suprised girl with the rubber in her mouth. Oops! Time to re-apply prophylactics. Let’s get a really hi-res version and make posters.

  12. Mmmh… Cute!

  13. Everybody loves blow jobs, it’s true.

    I love the demonstration of inner mouth … uh, mastication.

  14. Just to give credit where it’s due, I found the link on the excellent Beware Of The Blog:

  15. I presume the bottom right panels are meant to demonstrate that being deep-throated feels similar to having four tongues caressing your manhood? For me the creepiest part is the little chibi version of the character cuddling the phallus.

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