April 16th, 2007 | brainjuice

In an email entitled “NOT THE EYE-BEES”, Matt Fraction (“I have decided crying is caused by eye-bees”) enclosed the following:

“To see Spider-Man cry so much was different,” said Gerry Penacoli, a critic for Extra entertainment magazine…

8 Responses to “STOPFUCKINGCRYINGwatch”

  1. The Crying has to stop a bit in modern Pop Culture. it’s now the equivalent of the cumshot in Porn – all leads to the fluids coming out. and it’s so predictable it became boring, trival and taken the value off any emotional catharsis.

    Emo Bukkake

  2. Makes sense, the first two movies basically consisted of Peter weeping over his responsibilities/girlfriend/death-prone aunt for an hour and a half with the occasional backflip.

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  4. Everyone knows Spider-Man was the first emo superhero.

  5. I’m supposed to be rooting for Venom, right?

  6. That is the cliffhanger/payoff for Spider-Man 4….
    Swarm is revealed as the puppetmaster pulling the strings all along.

  7. … and he WILL be played by Bruce Cambell god dammit!

  8. Spidey’s a known punk-assed bitch, so the fucking crying should come as no surprise.

    Plus he’s wearing black which makes him all goth. Fact: spiderman wears the webslinger bracelets to cover up his test cuts.