9 thoughts on “For People Reviewing My Novel”

  1. Note to self – when at work, do roll over to check provenance of link before clicking.
    If it says Modblog, back slowly away, making no sudden movements. It’d be crap to get fired as a result of an accidental finger spasm. :-)

  2. Goddammit! That was the FIRST LINK OF THE DAY for me!! Some hint, man! Or a warning! SOMEthing!!

    Fuck, why do people do that? Why do they do that? Can they still fuck?!

    I guess I’ll wait for your novel…

  3. …am I the only person concerned over what this actually has to do with the novel? I am now both trembling with excitement and fear to read this.

  4. Uh, no. Please Warren, NO PUSSIES. At least NO MOD ones.
    It’s one thing to cringe and gaze in awe at something that’s already quite funny to look at, another to have the image of our most precious, most revered source of beauty and pleasure scarred beyond hope.

    On the other hand… well, might be interesting

  5. you know, that’s the type of stuff i’d expect in your work, or Grant’s work (although i suspect Grant could dial it up from sense memory)… what’s the book’s street date again? surely, it’s counter-programmed against Harry Potter 7?

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