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There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

From today’s ANSIBLE email:

KENNETH ENG, sf author noted in (ANSIBLEs passim) as beneficiary of some suspicious Amazon reviews, has found it’s possible to publicize oneself too much — with his sure-fire controversial article called `Why I Hate Blacks’.

From the LA Times: `The column, published in the San Francisco-based AsianWeek newspaper in the waning days of African American History Month, was so astonishingly hateful that activists of all stripes immediately rushed forward to condemn it. AsianWeek Editor Ted Fang issued a lengthy apology and fired Eng, who is in his early 20s and also writes science fiction novels. The small press that published Eng’s books announced last week that it was taking them off the market.’ (7 March) This furore earned Eng a Fox News tv interview, and mockery in Wired.

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  1. Matt Matt

    From what I can tell, having done a few minutes of research into this guy, his prose style is a treat to behold (Or, if he were to write it, merely looking at his books would involve extra dimensions, and would make people’s heads explode into dragons.). Oh, and he’s a frothing maniac with powerful forearms.
    Almost as funny are all of the comments below the Wired blog posts about how Wired has “jumped the shark” (popular phrase) by posting any of this at all. The way that phrase alone is presented leads you to think that, in their minds, that’s the most cutting put-down the world has ever seen.

  2. Daniel Burk Daniel Burk

    Kenneth Eng is incredibly egocentric for somebody who must like doing mushrooms. After he went on Fox news, he ended up looking like a schizophrenic as well as a racist. His actual explanation for the opinions in his article? It went something like this:

    “I’d like to tell you the philosophy of Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, which tells the story of which, Cyborg Dragons flying in the middle ages. And in this realm, evolution has worked in a more logical way, and if, even though in a fantasy setting. Which makes it logical that dragons are more SUPERIOR than humans, in that they have intelligence AND are larger…”

    Indeed. There’s a video at this link, for anyone interested enough to take a look.

  3. Mike Mike

    Yeah, that kid is a real piece of work. You’ve gotta watch out though, he’ll spam the hell out of the comments on the site if he spots this.

  4. bob bob

    He’s clearly schizophrenic, and I’m afraid all the attention and mockery at the Wired blog probably isn’t helping his mental stability. To have hired him in the first place makes AsianWeek look to be a pretty amateur publication, desperate for writers. His books are through what appears to be a vanity publisher and I’d guess all the negative attention has made them nervous. I find it odd that the mentally ill are so fascinating, even though there are so many of them on the web.

  5. J J

    He also aspires to writing comic books, and tried to get a job as a comic reviewer for IGN, but annoyed the would-be editor in one stroke, for which she immortalized it long before most of the Internet realized just how nutzoid he was:

    The cover for that book is legendary. Dragonmen with Flash Gordon laser pistols, fighting their miscolored semi-brethren. Awesome!

  6. Mike Reisinger Mike Reisinger

    That is a snazzy cover. Love the uzi, I want a poster of this on my wall.

  7. I guess when you say something dumb you should always plead insanity.

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