31 Responses to “AAAAAAAAAAAA”

  1. Why the hell don’t I listen to you!?! I always click through. Luckily this one is so far beyond recognizable that I was able to click away before I became to messed up for the day.

  2. Some people collect stamps, some people stamp their cock out flat and stick spikes through it.

    It takes all sorts.

  3. I’m…not sure i understand… well, it’s still terrifying.

  4. Damnit, I’m such a sucker! Please dont put me near buttons. .

  5. hahhahahahahahaha

    cockmeat pankake

  6. A disturbing resemblance to bacon.

  7. So that’s the fuck kind of shit they’re spamming me about. Penis enlargement, bah!

  8. Does not compute.

  9. I’d like to see him get that working again. Maybe it can be rebuilt faster, stronger, or resurrected as the zombie penis.

  10. I didn’t look. What did I won?

  11. This time I believe you. I’m not going to look.

  12. why? oh sweet jesus in fuck why?

  13. I was going to skip this one until Hector said ‘cockmeat pancake.’ How do you NOT click through to something billed as cockmeat panckake?

  14. I wonder what the guy felt like going to work the next Monday? I can envision a forced smile, and tippy-toe walk…

  15. Am i the only one that thinks that the cockmeat pancake looks like a peice of totally flattened roadkill (particularly a squirrel) that’s had it’s hair shaved off?

  16. asfpkjasdfpkjdsfoksjdfgjkl THEY GET WORSE AND WORSE holy shit

  17. Ahhhh, cheers, mate!
    *gulps down triple caramel, grins*

  18. Tasty!

  19. I’d say “ow”, but the endorphine rush probably was better than heroine. Boy’s higher than a kite.

  20. speaking of flat out failure…

  21. that thing will never work again

  22. Well, there’s no way to top that one. Might as well just go to bed and write the rest of the day off. The things people will stick their schlongs in, eh?

  23. How will I ever sleep again?

  24. This one’s not as bad as the maggots, IMHO. I mean, in this one you can barely recognize what you’re looking at so you get a degree of objectivity to it.

  25. Jesus! H! Christ!
    Hope our boy’s got a urologist in the family.
    It kind of looks like a Damien Hirst piece.

  26. Christ on a Hickory Stick! Memory repression is now in progress.

  27. I mean, we’ve all done that, right?

  28. That is one thinly sliced ham.

  29. I’ll never learn. *shakes head*

  30. Thanks…now I’m scarred for life and I won’t be able to sleep for weeks. I scringed when I saw this and I don’t even have a penis!!!

  31. Meh.