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Defamer LiveBlogs The Oscars

And regardless of when you’re reading this, it features some of Defamer’s crazier moments:

6:24: Cate Blanchett wins for Best Supporting Actress for her Kate Hepburn impression. Thanks her agent right after her husband—she knows where her bread is buttered, and will be getting a fresh basket of delicious Chinese babies from CAA in the morning.

Morgan Freeman wins for Million Dollar Baby. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, here’s a spoiler: Freeman plays a one-eyed former boxer who is impregnated by Clint Eastwood’s grizzled trainer and gives birth to a bag of money, played by Hilary Swank.

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  1. Watching the Blog Version of the Oscars
    Based on an post by Warren Ellis, I have stopped watching the Oscars and I have started reading the Defamer’s liveblogging of the Oscars. It actually makes the Oscars funny again….

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