You Know You’re Past It When…

March 29th, 2007 | brainjuice, Work

…awards programmes nominate you in the Roll Of Honour category. Also known as the “half the nominees in this category are dead” category.

8 Responses to “You Know You’re Past It When…”

  1. So out of you, Bendis, and Vaughn, which one is the half-dead one, then?

  2. At least you’re not 25(±10 years) like BKV… poor him…

  3. “Favourite Comics-Based Movie Or TV” category seems to be a bit thin.

  4. Bet you still pull.

  5. they really ought to allow for write-ins.


  6. Warren, deposit your myth in second life or whatever no. of life you consider appropiate and keep the hell going among the mere mortals…

  7. I voted for you anyway. Cheers…

  8. me too, hehe

    …HEY, don’t hit me with the cane!