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  1. RMC RMC

    That’s a beat-the-band party trick.

  2. Matt Matt

    Ohhh…that bothers me a great deal. As far as skin goes, I think this kind of defeats the purpose. Infection, anyone?

  3. It disappoints me that it took 4 responses on BME to get to this.

    “would semen dissolve naturally inside the body ?”

    Thought Number One wasn’t “How can I fuck this new body hole?” Come on now.

  4. optical optical

    ‘Here, feel how my heart beats for you‘ Ahhh, and they say romance is dead.

  5. Some otaku Some otaku

    For some reason, I’m thinking about Harkonnen heart plugs.

  6. Oh Warren Ellis you make me as happy as a cricket . . .

  7. Good Kid Good Kid

    If the internet has taught us one thing and one thing only, it’s that there’s no hole a human male won’t try to stick his cock into. This guy just made himself a target…

  8. Wow, my brain can’t even process what’s happening there yet. All I see is weird flesh with a weird hole in it being fingered. Is that where his nipple used to be?

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