9 Responses to “I Grew My Own Neck Brace Out Of Cancer-Meat”

  1. Life imitates Garth Ennis

  2. I think i’ve just understood how Mr. Ellis takes his ideas…

  3. Sorry for my english. I’m just a student in “science of communications”

  4. I didn’t know the Chinese were in cahoots with the Sontarans…

  5. OK, gotta go blow my brains out now. Finally reached the Warren Ellis breaking point.

  6. At first, I couldn’t believe that photo was real. Surely it was some bizarre photoshop job. It looks like he’s about to burst into a mass of tentacles and alien organs and devour his wife, Akira-style.

  7. just what i needed to kickstart the morning.

    fuck you, internet.

  8. “After finally approaching doctors with the growing problem, his medical diagnosis revealed that he had a neck tumour.”
    wow hes got damn clever people workin on him…
    k, now i wanna see the resulting ‘after’ shot even more.

  9. Ugh.

    I can handle a spliced penis, but this just makes my skin crawl.