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BLACK SUMMER: Interview At Wizard Universe

By Matt Powell:

This came as a bet from William Christensen. We were talking about new projects a while back, and he made me three bets: that I couldn’t write a zombie book, that I couldn’t write a fantasy book, and that I couldn’t come up with a superhero project that outdid the vogue for “high concept” superhero events. I won. So now he has to sit in his office and weep while I put videos of him being forced at gunpoint to rub his junk on dogs up on YouTube. I always win. Spread the word.

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  1. Yeah he loses and has to publish three hot new books that each sell better individually than any five other things he publishes…. life is hard for the loser – poor bastard…

    Seriously though, I’m enjoying Black Gas and Wolfskin a lot and I’m looking forward to Black Summer – at the very least as a nice counter-weight to the new Marvel paradigm of superheros being part of the military industrial complex.

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