5 thoughts on “Wendypants”

  1. It says depressing things that my first thought was about someone spiking rather than stealing it… in a “what good’s the sign going to do, exactly? surely advertising bad?” way.

  2. our “leave my drink alone” assortment has also: gone to puke, gone to brawl, gone to fuck (for single bars), gone to my meeting (for AA), and gone to hell…

  3. I did the same as Denyer…took my 24 hours to realize that it was actually for the waiters/waitresses. But what a 24 hours….

    *Theme from 24 plays*

  4. Rule # 42: NEVER leave your drink unattended, specially if you’re a woman. Drink it up, then go to pee. Can’t bear to finish a little, overpriced mixture of sugary stuff and alcohol? It’s time to leave the bar and call a cab, then, mate.

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