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Also includes more preview art:

First there were the Seven Guns: a group of young politically-aware scientist-adventurers who modified their own bodies for street-fighting in order to take back their West Coast city from a corrupt police force, criminal local government and rapacious private security forces. One died. One was crippled. The others drifted apart. And today, John Horus, the most committed of the original team, is walking into the White House. He’s worked with the President on social justice issues. He is the Good Guy. But he’s been thinking about his role in the country for a long time. And he’s not here to say hello.

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  1. Kell Brown Kell Brown

    Thank you.

    I get my comics during my lunch hour and often I get only a minute or two to evaluate what’s new on the shelf and as often as not a purchase is entirely dependent on the art and maybe a page or two I can read before I have to head back to work. Most of the time that’s not enough.

    This synopsis from the CBR interview is perfect. Now I can buy this book without having the normal worry about being saddled with a single issue of a comic I’ll not continue with or missing out on a first and second issue waiting until word of mouth clues me in.

    And no, I can’t simply ask the guys behind the counter as they’re complete muppets but they have a discount on new comics and they’re within walking distance.

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