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  1. you’ve got red on you…

  2. Oooh, Cheney in a pervert suit – seems sooo appropriate…

  3. Michael Michael

    Why does Rich Johnston always beat you to the punch with these covers? (He showed Crecy earlier too, and he showed two Black Summer covers.)

    Also, does this Horus character snatch people’s eyeballs? Is that his thing? (It reminds me of your Bat-Denipplizer idea.)

  4. The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud

    This is not going to end well.
    By “end well,” I mean I’m never going to be able to read this fucking thing because of U.S. paranoia.
    Oh, sweet anticipation…

  5. Bryan Bryan

    Sweet. If the US Media picks up on this, this could be a “controversial topic of the day” on fox news. (i.e. how dare a comic book company depict the president dead in the oval office in a time of WAR!!!, ect.)

  6. Mick Mick

    I’d hate to be on the White House cleaning staff.

  7. john. john.

    not enough blood.

  8. Mike Reisinger Mike Reisinger

    Who ever said it was blood? I say that this is waht happens when bush tries to eat spaghetti…
    mr. president made a mess.

  9. So long as it’s not after Labor Day.

  10. …rom com?

  11. Des Des

    Uhm…yes thanks!

    “I’m sorry, this ISN’T the shriner’s convention?”

  12. Jason Jason

    So is this one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys?

  13. Jason Jason

    Good guy! Thought so…

  14. For those keeping score, this makes at least (?) two Ellis stories where the lead character leaves a trail of blood through the White House. Some people might begin to wonder what message he’s trying to send… (Of course, the last outing was not only in Antebellum America but, technically, the President took his own life before Doctor Doom could get to him.) Sounds like a fine series here, in any event.

  15. What I like is the bad guy who does everything he does for the right motivation. Too often it’s Lex Luthor killing Superman just cuz. This seems more akin to a Post Modernist morality dissection, much like Watchmen. Where the good guys do everything out of a reflexive sense of duty and the bad guy does everything out of what he views to be right(I know in most media forms this is common, but tights comics are stunted in their growth in this department usually).


  16. Mike Mike

    Mini-series, yeah?

  17. bob bob

    Expect some visits (or at least some surreptitious surveillance) from the Secret Service or FBI next time you’re in the states, and I expect quite a few comic shops in the U.S. won’t carry it, sadly.

  18. I just hope I don’t hear these words on CNN “English Comics Writer held in Camp X-Ray”.


  19. “Commander? Detainee Ellis ate *another* of the dogs we sent in to soften him up.”

  20. not a moment too soon.

    Matt, you haven’t read RELOAD, have you?

  21. Robert Carnegie Robert Carnegie

    There were highjinks in high office in TRANSMETROPOLITAN and STORMWATCH as well – the President’s idiot bastard and a mad Vice-President in chains who escaped, I think. I forget if Smiler whacked anyone right there on the premises.

    Of course it’s nothing compared to what actually happens in the place…

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