11 Responses to “If Only”

  1. Well it is White Day in Japan where women are supposed to receive white things from men who they gave presents to. While this is usually white chocolate, “receiving” a white fluid could qualify.

  2. I thought it was Pi Day, but Steak & Blowjob Day will do nicely.

  3. How about a “learn to suck your own dick” day so I don’t have to be bothered with such crap?

  4. I dunno. Do we get the other 364 days off from your crap?

  5. monopole beat me to the white day allusion, although I was going to take the joke in a different direction. but I was derailed by the “something white” rule–where are these holiday rules written down?! am I the last guy not to get the memo?

  6. My boyfriend will be missing out. I offered today, but of course our schedules clash.

    Guess that means my jaw gets a break for now.

  7. The Constructivist:
    In this case the rules were written by the Japanese chocolate industry who made the holiday up from whole cloth. But they failed to specify chocolate, allowing guys to give white panties, calpico concentrate or similar substances.

  8. It’s also my birthday. Nice how that worked out really. Although I was working :(

  9. Does this mean that cunnilingus and sushi is now mandatory on Valentines’ Day?


  11. That’s pretty much how we do it. But it’s more like sushi and sake for both days.