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  1. Kajsa


    Ooh, it looks good. Very weird and intriguing. Can’t help wondering when J. Jonah Jameson moved to Japan though.

  2. Nickel


    I notice it still has tentacles in it. =P

  3. Nevin Densham

    Nevin Densham

    This is why I watch this page. Awesome shows it’s face here often. Great song.

  4. Nevin Densham

    Nevin Densham

    (and a good looking trailer, too boot)

  5. Mike Reisinger

    Mike Reisinger

    Great great trailer. Satoshi Kon is obscenely talented and could direct a film about a paper bag and it would still be incredible.

  6. optical


    Uh, so ‘Paprika’ is how you say ‘The Cell’ in japanese? ;P

  7. Paprika is how you do the story right.

    I’m loving every trailer from it, so far.

  8. Myr


    Oh, wow. I’ve just discovered this blog – courtesy the shoutout on – and I’m enjoying it immensely, so far. Thanks for linking to interesting things like this. I haven’t been crazy about many of the animes that have crossed over recently, but that looks really good.

  9. Ed


    Finally saw this, thanks to your recommendation. Curious what you thought. I loved it, though didn’t feel it was perfect. Mr. Kon has some trouble w/ endings, don’t you think? (eg. Paranoia Agent). But have seen everything by him except Perfect Blue and love his work. Thanks again for the intriguing trailer!


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