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The internet keeps telling me that an apparently rather good free magazine called ARTHUR has collapsed. The internet cannot, however, tell me why I have never ever seen one of these things during its reported four-year run, despite the occasional poke around for it in London. Was it an America-only thing?

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  1. It was an America-only thing, where it was available for free. But they had an easy service to send issues to the rest of the world using paypal. A few months ago I bought an issue which featured a very entertaining article by Alan Moore on the history of erotica. Other articles on music, books and so on, turned out to be equally informative and entertaining. Unfortunate I think that they should have collapsed. (but I must admit that had Rich’s gossip column on not pointed me the road towards them, I wouldn’t have known of their existence)

  2. Ian Ian

    Well, I’d never heard of such a magazine, let alone ever seen one.

  3. ARTHUR was and is incredible, arts, magic, music, a mindblowing (sans cliche) “counterculture” mag
    columns in every issue by Rushkoff, and look at the below,
    you can download many back issues for free
    Amazing Grant Morrison interview and cover by cam stewart
    Great Alan Moore interview:

    and download the latest issue for free:
    Includes these pieces:
    “Bog Venus vs. Nazi Cock-Ring: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography” by Alan Moore: a landmark eight-page essay/manifesto, with illustrations
    Douglas Rushkoff on visionary thinker Robert Anton Wilson…

    also more comic strips than you can shake a willy at..

  4. RMC RMC

    Shit! I loved this magazine. And that Grant Morrison interview was great.

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