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  1. Alex R Alex R

    Just think of the possible military applications: we could use these to fly covert missions to crap on the enemies’ cars.

  2. Jeff Jeff

    I for one…

    Oh, what’s the point. We’re all doomed.


  3. R U GUD?

  4. you have been blinded. BY SCIENCE!

  5. Does this mean BIRD FLU as a countermeasure?

  6. Juan Juan

    “CH1RP CH1RP, 2 FIND S33D…324324”

  7. doug doug

    come on people its obvious it`s a “Borg” Sneak attack, after all London`s over run with them what better way to infiltrate and then take over the capital cities.
    ooooopppppsssss……….. did I just say that outloud???????????

  8. Luciftias Luciftias

    As someone who does animal surgery in the course of everyday work, that wound does not look good. It looks like necrotic tissue around the edges. The resolution isn’t good enough for me to assess the situation more clearly, but that animal may not last long enough to make it a truly useful cyborg. The surgery that has been done is a craniotomy, and the resulting modification makes the animal very susceptible to infection. Furthermore, it looks like I see significant bare skull in the closeup, although it is hard to tell, suggesting the wound was not closed well by the surgeon.

  9. ganthet ganthet

    I can see it now the Military will be using cyborg attack pigoens as it’s new super weapon. Or maybe as spys. Maybe we should all be worried about this.

  10. First, the Great Ten, now this? Grant Morrison is obviously working with the Chinese!

  11. Sériously?!? Poor, póór animal!

  12. Andrea Andrea

    Horrible chinese people. Always looking for horrible ways to enslave nature. They should stuck that thing in their own ass and pray for someone to turn it off.

  13. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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