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  1. Mattastic Mattastic

    Hell yes.
    Although I have to wonder if he can actually ride it in those clothes.

  2. kyote23 kyote23

    the new captain america in easy rider II?

  3. That, is freakin’ awesome.

  4. el_randall el_randall

    looks like ‘biker ‘tude’ is the same around the world.

  5. Crimson Crimson

    Welcome to the Budayeen. Anyone have a notion what it says on his front wheel, there?

  6. Lars Lars

    Reminds me of the video to the song Amerika by Rammstein.

  7. LordBeautchous LordBeautchous

    Egyptian Sammy Davis Jr. is going to split as soon as Vietnamese Frank Sinatra gets here in his Stars and Stripes dirigible.

  8. Sean Sean

    For whatever reason, simply awesome.

  9. ngwor ngwor

    He is actually the proprietor of the ‘Harmacy’ seen in the background. 2 for one deals on whoopass.

  10. My Thoughts On Recent Events…

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  11. thanks for all the credit here!
    this guy was sticking himself out on the street of aswan.

    @crimson: thats an egyptian lincense plate.

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