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Confused? You Will Be

Strangest pick-up for the next American tv pilot season so far:

Network: CBS
Genre: Comedy

Studio: ABC Television Studio, CBS Paramount Network Television
Commitment: Cast Contingent Pilot Pick Up
Auspices: Jeff Greenstein (EP, W-Pilot), James Burrows (D-Pilot)

Logline: A comedy series about a woman who is attractive, erudite, imperious, sarcastic, dryly funny and more than a little intimidating. A novelist, critic, and guest lecturer at Berkeley, she’s struggled for fifteen years to deliver the follow-up to her acclaimed first novel, and has blotted out her frustration with a cocktail of antidepressants. She’s also managed to fail in romantic relationships with both men and women: Her editor and ex-lover is now expecting a baby with his new, much younger wife, and as for her ex-girlfriend … well, she discovered she prefers men, so they became best friends instead. She also volunteers as Big Sister to a taciturn Hispanic girl, but becomes so frustrated at their inability to communicate that she tries to return her. Nothing in her life is working — but then, at the urging of her new therapist, she decides to kick the drugs and her emotions reawaken. There’s renewed creativity, along with a doomed pass at a 22-year-old student, bu! t she ends with a creaky sense of optimism about what the new day might bring.


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  1. Who wrote that ridiculous publicity blurb? If it’s indicative of what the show will be like, then CBS has got a real turd on their hands.

  2. optical optical

    Uh, see, what’s so absurd about that story? I know people just like that… minus the ‘acclaimed first novel’.

    at the urging of her new therapist, she decides to kick the drugs and her emotions reawaken

    Now that’s what will kill any possibility of a pilot, if Ely Lili’s lawyers are worth their salt.

  3. That canNOT be for real. Wow. Just out of curiosity… and maybe people like my wife and I are the exception to the rule… but is everyone in real life fucking around (and KEEPING THE RELATIONSHIP with the fuckee) with everyone they know? If TV was reality there would be nothing but tight nit circles of sexually diseased fuck friends who just regularly pass around the circle some new puss dripping disease (except on TV no one ever gets a STD unless its Law and Order. Come to think of it I don’t think L&O has much fucking… between main characters I mean…)

  4. ugh. could have been an interesting premise, with the bisexual academic character, but the plot sounds awful .

    sounds like tom cruise wrote the script.

  5. optical optical

    Maybe not right out in the open, but yeah…. let me tell you: just about every married couple I know has some affair on the side.
    If you’re reading this, P, hey, before you come and shout at me, it’s not like everybdoy doesn’t know already

  6. RE: optical
    Really? Every married couple you know? Thats rather depressing… maybe my circle is weird then. I know at least 10-12 other married couples and all of them have really good marriages. All between 2-10 years of marriage and while I am not privy to their problems there seems to be little evidence of adultry.
    So are those of us who actually HONOR our commitments the odd men (and women) out?

  7. That’s basically the book(or movie) Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon, with a few genders rearranged, sexed up for primetime and from the sound of it, not as good. I hope he sues them.

  8. Dracko Dracko

    So, it’s every single arsehole TV show since ever?

  9. Whatever could the second episode be about??

  10. Richard Richard

    I think I dated her.

    I think my ex-wife may be dating her right now, between the porno shoots for BlowFish . com

  11. bob bob

    Something tells me that no network would ever show a series that had a liberal, academic bisexual as its protagonist. That’d be ratings poison in the red-states, regardless of quality. I smell a Bible-belt boycott before it even airs, if this is real.

  12. I don’t know about a Red State boycott but hopefully the blue states will realize this fuck-allshit when they see it and boycott it for offending their intelligence.

  13. Sean Ausmus Sean Ausmus

    Perhaps in the second episode she gets into an accident with an uninsured driver, and the judge decrees that he has to work as her butler?

  14. Steve Nordquist Steve Nordquist

    You had me with Taciturn Hispanic Girl.
    …or was it ‘She Ends with a Creaky…’ ?

    later, I’ll whinge about ‘imperious’ being the buried FOX lead for the clever renaming of “Albright! The musical!”
    Hopefully this will instead be what we clutch and murmur over as we bewail excess controversy in being gal provosts to Yale and UC, assorted Univ. Polytechniques…. Fan blogs about wheat-grass juice choices, green juice of the week, dark rumors of doctoral candidates dropping unfresh cardamom….

    “The -intelligence- boat is coming! The intelligence boat! To-day! Oh Madeline!” (cough GASP)

  15. zxvasdf zxvasdf

    I’m curious as to how abc manages this rip-off of comedy central’s sarah silverman show

  16. cool

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