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  1. Just fucking awesome. Pandemic was a bit weak compared to the rest of them, but … fuck yeah.

    I’ll sleep easy, tonight. ;)

  2. frank frank

    “May you live in uninteresting times…”

  3. Wow… and I thought I was sleeping tonight. Good work. :)

  4. optical optical

    The human race, a showoff to the end.

  5. Zachary Yanez Zachary Yanez


    Wonder how this is going to end.

  6. Daniel Burk Daniel Burk

    Haha, the theatre the guy walks by as he leaves the hotel is playing Groundhog Day. This is neat.

  7. Gregory Gregory

    Saw this on BBC America a while back. I was jonesing for the last one as I knew it’d be the wildest. Just wish they gone on another few minutes as I wonder what the effect would have been for someone in another part of the country pr world as things went to hell.

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  10. kin0pravda kin0pravda

    I was particularly titillated by the fact that the viral infection outbreak trope had to be attached to London in order to be worked into the story… it STARTS in a suspiciously loosely defined “Far East” (I’m surprised they didn’t refer to it as “the colonies”), killing thousands upon thousands of people, but this is never even shown…. Oh no, an apocalyptic virus outbreak is only worth mentioning when it kills “proper people”, like British citizens – the rest of us are fodder for TV news filler segments.

    So you can only fictionalize environmental catastrophes if you can work up a little pathos out of middle-class white, northern-europeans or Americans with families.

    I spent four years in journalism school with the notion that an ethnic/social bias is unavoidable in newsmaking. You just have to adjust the amount of reporting you are going to give a high kill-tally event to the notion that without drowning the audience in the newsvalue of proximity, they will not be cognitively prepared to handle the volume of reporting massive loss of human live deserves, regardless of its proximity to people with TiVo.

    You can’t have journalism if people can’t relate. That’s real-life for you….


    THIS SHOW RIGHT HERE IS #1 – A WORK OF FORFUCKSSAKE FICTION, which means that there is a responsibility to push against some of the more convenient biases of the real world and #2 – THIS IS THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, we expect better….

  11. kin0pravda kin0pravda

    Also… I you are going to have 5 different doomsday scenarios, why is it that 2 of them take place on US-soil? I mean, sure, it is a geographically large area with an extensive coastline and plenty of geological activity and all that, and probability alone could mean the US are more likely to get hit but still… I will say again, this is a work of fiction and there is no excuse for being conceptually coy… splice as a diverse range of human stories as you can BECAUSE!!!

    Or could it be that everybody in the world, americans included, get a special kind of historically-driven mass schadenfreunde from watching american people getting arbitrarily snuffed like pigs getting sucked into a wheat -thresher?

  12. Hey that’s the music from Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind, I’m such a nerd to know that…and not in the cool way.

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