8 thoughts on “Maps Are Useful”

  1. I remember some people in the anti-war movement pointing out that taking over Iraq was probably just to give the US a chance to encircle Iran…damn hippies. Always wrong, aren’t we?

    We won’t have sufficient control of either Iraq or Afghanistan to use them as bases anytime soon, though. Just goes to show that life rarely plays out as neatly as a game of Risk.

  2. Well… if that’s the plan to after Iran it’s gonna have to be all bombs since we are stretched a wee bit thin right now. I think we should wait until Ab-binima… Abminija… uh… the prez of Iran blows up something like Israel. Seriously. If the does that then rock on. ‘Till then… let ‘im be.

  3. I say, let us defend against the terrible Iranian threat. Not to be confused with the dire Iraqi threat. Last non-radioactive group of humans wins. If things get too awful we can move to Mars.

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