18 thoughts on “Light Action Today”

  1. Congratulations on this, the anniversary of your miraculous exit from the womb. Also, you have yet to feel the warm release of death, so hooray for that also.

  2. i was born on 11/16, 9 months later. i don’t suppose you were presented with alabama’s finest call girl as a birthday gift in 1980, were you? if so, i’d like to schedule a meeting about a little back-pay.

  3. 39 years ago you broke out of your mother’s womb in fierce mortal combat with the Doctor. A lit cigarette in your mouth and a broken bottle of scotch in the other. Your umbilical cord was undone, you knew that you’d have to live with us filthy humans, but in the end, the doctor’s blood would run and those cigarettes that he endorsed would be yours.

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