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    (The new issue of Fell RULES!!)

  2. happy birthday GMT!

  3. Gris-Gris Gris-Gris

    Alles Gute, Warren!

    We like you and your clearspeech very much.

  4. Arsnof Arsnof

    Congratulations on this, the anniversary of your miraculous exit from the womb. Also, you have yet to feel the warm release of death, so hooray for that also.

  5. Congrats.

    GET OLDER. That way you are allowed to grow a more impressive beard and be even ruder to young ladies.

  6. Parkaboy Parkaboy

    Today is like Christmas, then!

  7. optical optical

    May all your modblog fantasies come true.

  8. A very Happy Birthday to you, sir.

  9. john. john.

    i was born on 11/16, 9 months later. i don’t suppose you were presented with alabama’s finest call girl as a birthday gift in 1980, were you? if so, i’d like to schedule a meeting about a little back-pay.

  10. Ian Ian

    a happy birthday to you. many more, if that’s what you’re into. ;)

  11. 39 years ago you broke out of your mother’s womb in fierce mortal combat with the Doctor. A lit cigarette in your mouth and a broken bottle of scotch in the other. Your umbilical cord was undone, you knew that you’d have to live with us filthy humans, but in the end, the doctor’s blood would run and those cigarettes that he endorsed would be yours.

  12. Peter Peter

    Have a drink for me Mr. Ellis.

  13. MrPerson MrPerson

    Birthday for you. Now many drunkenness binges. Birthday not for others. Just for you. Unique birthday. Only one in world.

  14. Jaye Random Jaye Random

    Why, happy birthday!

  15. Get pissed, be merry and throw pointy objects at those less fortunate than you.

    In otherwords happy birthday.

  16. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Hey! Mine was yesterday! I hope you wake up tomorrow with less of a hangover. Happy Birthday Mr. Ellis.

  17. Happy birthday to you and to me and to Kim Jong-il and to Gideon Livingston, because the four of us share the same birthday.

  18. Brandon Ruttle Brandon Ruttle

    Happy Birthday Warren!

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