9 thoughts on “I Didn’t Even Have A Drink And Now The Pisshole Is Talking To Me”

  1. On the one hand, drunk driving is such a problem in NM, that I can understand this. But as a NM resident, I really, really don’t want urinals talking to me.

  2. I’d imagine it’d be somewhat startling to hear a urinal give you feedback if you’re a bit tipsy.

    “Thank you for choosing New Mexico Urinal #287. Please remember to wear a safety belt while driving and have a friend or acquaintence on hand if you’ve had any drinks tonight. Thank you.”

  3. “what about women that get pissed? this will only warn them if they stumble into the men’s room and piss in a urinal.”

    Well…that WOULD be a handy warning for them to have, no?

  4. Desperation driven by all too tragic circumstances. Anyone who’s realized that a mere trip to the corner store (for beer & spirits no less) in Albuquerque is playing Russian roulette with their lives (thanks to careening drunkards at the wheel of hurtling masses of steel) knows the extent of the problem.

    The urinal cakes must, of course, also speak in Spanish and Navajo. Fair’s fair.

  5. Too many drunk drivers up here in Santa Fe, also. I will do some research and see if I can’t find out how much these little bastards set us taxpayers back.

  6. Madness, it’s madness I tell you!

    So much for being a closet drunk now that the guy checking out your pecker in the stall next to you knows your just slightly past belligerent and close to a date-rape level of intoxication.

    Don’t drop the soap…

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