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WordPress 2.1

Ariana upgraded to 2.1 overnight, and sure enough, there’s some rank stupidity in the new version. As with every major overhaul release of WordPress, actual useful functions have gone entirely missing and there are six new things that only a crackhead would shove into internet publishing software. Forgive any weirdness over the next few days, as I work out how to (for one thing) post regularly now that WordPress have removed the pop-up Press-It posting bookmarket…

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  1. Seriously,
    Ditch word press and pick up Serendipity. There’s just no comparison.

  2. Yeah, I’m getting pretty tired of just how cock-rendingly painful WordPress is to work with sometimes, but my Press It bookmarkelt still works. Try this, Comrade (assuming your comment system does not eat the code, which they probably will):


  3. Gabrielle C. Gabrielle C.

    Congrats to you Warren. Just did the upgrade yesterday and i still have a headache from it.

  4. The Big Head Press site is still running WP 1.5.7 . Every time I suggest to Frank that he upgrade, he throws feces at me. I’m beginning to see why.

  5. I love WordPress, but I’m using an older version. I have a tendency not to upgrade when I find any system that works well. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  6. mick mick

    Could I ask that you find a way to make the text less huge? It’s so big that I can’t read one post/link without scrolling, and the text justifying puts ginormous gaps between words at times. I see several lines on the site where there are only 3 words on a line, with gaps between big enough to drive a pony through.

    If i use the “-” key to make the text smaller, it becomes all squashed up, and is even less readable.

    Safari 2.0.4 (Firefox isn’t an option atm, so I have no idea if this is a platform-dependant issue.

    Respectfully requested;

  7. Giacomo Giacomo

    Dorian, there are security implications in running old software, especially as widely-used and targeted as WP.
    This doesn’t mean that WP development is going in the right direction… like with Firefox, developers might have been distracted by fame a bit too much.

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