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Paris Hilton Might Have Fucked T-Mobile, Too

So by Monday morning, everyone will have seen the photos, phone numbers and notes from Paris Hilton’s hacked T-Mobile Sidekick II hiptop.

Now, supposedly, the rumour doing the rounds today is that her password was conned out of her by someone. And bearing in mind how crap the girl is at, say, keeping her home-made fuck tapes in the drawer, it’s entirely possible.

However, I would point out that any hiptop owner who uses T-Mobile and does not immediately change all their passwords tomorrow is a bloody idiot. The Sidekick II stores all its data on T-Mobile’s servers. If Ms Hilton wasn’t scammed out of her password, then there’s a hole in T-Mobile you could run a truck through.

I think I have Xtina Aguilera’s phone number now, by the way.

— W

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