10 thoughts on “NEXTWAVE: A Top Ten Great Graphic Novel For Teens”

  1. Seems perfectly reasonable. It should also be on the top 10 lists for adults, adolescents, and preschoolers.

    Maybe not. I just want to see a bunch of 4-year-olds playing Nextwave, and to hear one say “I wanna be Captain $#&*!”

  2. I couldn’t have thought of a better mission for Nextwave than to corrupt the minds of poor and defenseless teens only to leave them behind tainted, damaged and armed with open-minds. On the other hand… Identity Crisis is also among the nominations.

  3. NW, Runaways, and that Pride of Baghdad one about the lions I’ve seen highly recommended but not got around to checking out… is the ALA usually this on the ball?

    Over-the-top without being sweary or tit-flashing very likely stands it in good stead. Identity Crisis is likely to ruffle far more feathers.

  4. Really, it’s not as if it’s worse content wise than anything on adult swim. Teen’ll do fine with. And hell, YA books are filled with the sex and the cussin’ these days anyway.

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