10 Responses to “PAPRIKA”

  1. […] Grazie a quello schifoso alcolista di Warren Ellis ho scoperto il nuovo film d’animazione di Satoshi Kon, Paprika. […]

  2. That looks…. really good. REalLy! Me likey much. The music is really catchy too.

  3. Looks gorgeous, the movie. But Warren, if you can, add a “play” button. The clip plays everytime we refresh the page.


  4. Every scene is appears to be an unexpected gift! Simply Fantastic!!!

  5. Tight. I like the reaction when the guys are hitting on her.

  6. Satoshi Kon is a master of modern anime. Please check out his other works. Perfect Blue is not to be missed.

  7. and while we are on the topic. check out Mind Game. another incredible gem!

  8. Saw it in theatre in France 1 or 2 Month ago, pretty good, but a few long moments, despite being visually stunning.
    The script is not as good as Perfect Blue or Millenium Actress, but still grade A stuff.

  9. How bloody annoying it looks like its been taken down, that trailer is sp much better than the one that’s on YouTube as well.

    Oh and thanks for the tip on Paranoia Agent, got the first few episodes ready to watch.

  10. It’s still working fine for me.