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“Bad Ideas Tested By Me”

As found on the Gingerbox forum:

– taking a life drawing class and having the model be an old man you know from the local rocky horror picture show. i am never going again.
– sleeping in the same room with someone who’s drunk with a history of sleep walking and peeing on things.
– Agree to date an ex-girlfriend just to sleep with her and realizing you hate her 10 seconds before its over
– falling asleep while having sex with multiple partners
– showing my dad that “everytime you masterbate god kills a kitten” image on the internet, going to my bed room, dad busting in screaming “GOD HOW MANY LIONS HAVE YOU KILLED IN THERE”
– Locked out of room while your roommate is fucking some guy and you scream that the devil lives inside her cervix and expecting to be let back into your room.

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